Sales & Marketing


·        To maximize sales and revenue

·        To enhance the knowledge and to help Employer manage the business effectively.


·        Lecture

·        Observation

·        Discussion

·        Practical

·        Roleplay

·        Quiz

Contents Description

1.       Strategies to build marketing success

2.      Strategies to improve brand recognition

3.      Strategies to develop action plans

4.     Strategies to implement marketing programs and advertising

5.     Strategies for improved pricing and adding value

6.     Strategies for selling and marketing campaigns that create record sales

Course Outline

·        Step by step process of sales and importance of sales

·        Customer buying decisions and Building a Clientele

·        Choose strategies for maintaining team relationships that facilitate flexibility, collaboration and quick decision making.

·        Brand architecture, attributes of brand & branding, brand recognition, brand awareness, brand promises and strength of brands

·        SWOT analysis of marketing and rule & roles of marketing

·        Handling a customer rejection and improvise skills for sales

·        Having an online presence means having a two-way communication channel with your audience to gather insightful feedback or reviews.

·        Understand who your potential customers are and what they want.

·        Setting up the marketing strategies to generate traffic requires to concentrate the efforts at the top of the sales funnel.

·        Understanding of social media marketing and types of publication

·        Advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing


·        Platforms of the social networking video creation & sharing

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