Machine Operation


To increase knowledge of the machines, learn safe operating techniques, and discover how to use the machine to minimize wear and tear. The result is a more effective operation with reduced costs and more


·        Lecture

·        Observation

·        Discussion

·        Practical

·        Roleplay

·        Quiz

Contents Description

1.       Safer Operation

2.      Reduce Wear and reduce costs

3.      Higher Productivity

4.     More Uptime

5.     Increase Operator Satisfaction

6.     Machine Safety Operation

Course Outline

·        Demonstrate knowledge of standard machine tool movements.        

·        Review how round stock is held securely.     

·        Review four safety rules to follow when operating the bench vice.        

·        Describe the function and operation of cutting fluid.       

·        Define a manufacturing process.      

·        Recognize Safety Rules.       

·        Identify the Dimensional measurement and explain its importance       

·        Recognize methods used to locate the tool position        


·        Facing Machine Operation

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