Hairdressing Services


To introduce hair dressing skills, usage of basic tools and equipment. To make them understand the opportunities for skilled hairdressers in Malaysia


·        Lecture

·        Observation

·        Discussion

·        Practical

·        Roleplay

·        Quiz

Contents Description

1.       Introduction to hair dressing skills

2.      Treatment of hair and scalp condition

3.      Treatments and system professional

4.     Treatment of hair and scalp condition

5.     Tutorial of hair styling

6.     Opportunities of skilled hairdresser

7.      Hair cutting techniques

8.     Maintain professional customer service

Course Outline

·        Describe treatments to hair and scalp

·        Explain how to set short and long hair

·        Identifying hair do and hair designs

·        Demonstrate knowledge of hair fashion over time

·        Discuss client service and care in hairdressing

·        Discuss about barbering salon environment

·        Explain about highlight and lowlight hair using elementary techniques.

·        Learn to create appointment system and records in the salon.

·        Demonstrate the communication skills and using social media marketing to penetrate local market.


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