Duration (Days)

5 days – 40 hours

Level of Certification

Professional Certificate of Competency 

Course Overview​

Course Objective

The digital revolution is changing how businesses are being conducted all around the world. In Malaysia, digital economy is recognized as a key element in driving the country’s future economic growth.

Malaysian entrepreneurs need to quickly enhance their business and digital skills in key functional areas which uses technology as an enabler and leverage on potential of the internet.

This training program will empower the entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge necessary for them to compete and realise their potential and grow their businesses in this digital age and to compete on a level playing field in trade and commerce. 

Through this training program, we aim at bridging the digital skill gap by imparting the necessary skills needed to realize the benefits of the digital tools and platforms. 


  1. To leverage on the growth and potential of the Digital Economy for the socio-economic upliftment of entrepreneurs in Malaysia through digital entrepreneurship skills training.
  2. To provide value-added training programs to micro entrepreneurs with the intention to create alternative income opportunities through the online marketplaces and social media.
  3. To provide opportunity to entrepreneurs in the GIG economy to increase their digital skills and enable them to participate in the Digital Economy to enhance their business and earn higher income.
  4. To provide aspiring and existing micro business owners with relevant skill sets needed for today’s digital business environment and needs that will enable them to capitalise on the growth of the digital marketplace. 

Certification Body


Learning Outcome

On successful completion of this module, the learner will be able to: 

  • Possess a complete understanding and practical skills of digital marketing skills
  • Create effective content and marketing strategies.
  • Select the right online techniques and tools to make more sales and income
  • Know how to write for the web.
  • Have a working knowledge of the most important social media and ecommerce platforms.
  • Be confident in the execution of email marketing campaigns.
  • Be capable of measuring and demonstrating return-on investment of online marketing dollars.
  • Understand website and search engine optimization.
  • Integrate online marketing efforts with traditional advertising and media.

Learning Activities

The training will be conducted using the following learning activities to ensure the achievement of the learning objectives: –

  • Lectures with easy-to-understand delivery and minimal jargon
  • Practical Hands-on Exercises & Assignments
  • Relevant Case Studies & Examples
  • Video Presentations
  • Group learning opportunities for collaborative learning
  • Self-evaluation and mini assessments
  • Group & Individual presentations  

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