The 5Cs In Digital Marketing

5 distinct elements of online marketing. We’ll look at each in turn. While he created it primarily as an internal tool to help you review your digital collateral and communications, marketers have successfully used it to analyse digital marketing .

  1. Customer

Your goal is to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction because this should lead to increased profitability. Digital marketing shifted the balance of power to customers (yes, us marketers used to have more power!) but also gave us even more opportunities to understand and better connect with our customers.

Areas you may need to consider here are:

  • How well does your organisation know its customers?
  • Can you back this up with data and evidence?
  • How well is your marketing, on and offline, meeting their communication wants and needs?
  1. Corporate culture

Customers, more and more, want to understand the company they are buying from and see if they can emotionally connect with it. Your corporate culture is crucial to this.

Do you meet the expectations of your customers? Is what’s important to them eg plastic-free, ethical, important to you? How can you prove that you ‘walk the walk not just talk the talk’?

Consider where your next big competitor might come from – your customer research could give you clues as people may already be using them.


The Promotional marketing mix is rapidly expanding because of digital – there are new communication tools every day, with others dying out. For example, inbound promotional marketing, such as organic SEO and social media, are becoming more important as customers reject having promotional comms ‘pushed’ on to them.

  • How effective is your organisation at ‘pull’ communications?
  • Do your customers feel they are having a conversation with you or being spoken at by you? How effectively do you retain control of your messaging when others can take it over?

As always, look at your data and customer research to assess your effectiveness

4.Creative content

Content is good, creative, relevant, updated content is crucial. In an age where algorithms punish the sloppy content creators and the poor updaters, your results will show you if your content is up to scratch.

When assessing your Content, first determine what content you have out there – on and offline.

Map it all out then assess all of it. Check that it still represents your organisation, is consistent, and is what the customers wants and enjoys.


The key phrase here is, ‘relevant customisation’. Customers expect to be treated as individuals and digital gives us the tools to do this on a mass scale.

How effectively are you customising across your products, services, platforms and communications . Does it feel like genuine, relevant customisation for your customers.

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